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Welcome to the Meaning Network ™

We believe in the power of human connection to inspire positive change. Social media was meant to be fun, to connect with friends, talk, laugh, ask questions. But all too often our feeds are full of toxicity, drama, noise and divisiveness. It’s time to REVise social and use it as a force to do good. 

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REV is building Meaningful Connections by

Revising Social

We are cutting through the noise and creating a safe place for you to engage in meaningful ways.

Reviving Relationships

It’s not about the likes or shares. We’re generating authentic connections and genuine community.

Revitalizing Community

We’re connecting teams and rallying people to amplify and multiply the good in our world.

Enjoy the Best of Social Media in a Positive, Safe Space

  • Connect with friends and family in an uplifting environment
  • Be part of a community that is focused on meaningful connections and positive content
  • Get involved with causes and groups that impact the world around you
  • Join discussions with people working to create healthy solutions for organizations, families, and communities.

Create a free account and experience The Meaning Network.

How REV is Different from Other Social Networks?

Our social platform is all about building sustainable and scalable Meaningful Connection among users so they can enjoy the best of social media in an uplifting and positive way. It’s a safe place where people can “check-in” versus “check-out.” We created our platform to serve as a force multiplier and mission amplifier – a place where you can build community and be connected to hope, help, and purpose. 

Connection Led

Intentionally designed to connect people in Meaningful Connections

Purpose Driven

We are a mission-focused platform that cares more about value than virality

Inspiring Content

Curated newsfeed from trusted sources to facilitate greater connection

Impact Community

REV is home to the PLUS One Movement — a community of people working together to make a positive impact.

REV Memberships

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Our Community Standards

We respectfully request that REV users follow these Community Standards, which are intended to help your REV community thrive. Users who violate these rules are subject to having access or posting privileges revoked. 

  1. Respect. Treat each other how you would like to be treated, and how you would like others to treat your family and close friends.
  2. Keep it Clean. This is a safe environment where no one should fear inappropriate comments, foul language, or lewd behavior.
  3. Authenticity and transparency are highly encouraged – they are critical to building meaningful connection.
  4. No Trolls. If you can’t say something nice or helpful, please don’t say it on REV – honestly, it’s best not to say it at all. REV is designed to be a welcome respite from political, ideological, or religious debates. If you want to debate, there are plenty of other social sites you can participate in.
  5. No unsolicited marketing, selling, or get rich quick programs. This is a Meaning Network. People join REV to connect in meaningful relationships and to a greater sense of purpose in life. 
  6. If you notice something that violates the rules – REPORT IT! In addition to our moderation, members have a voice to keep REV up to our standards. Reporting content or members is anonymous to the other members.

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