Welcome to REV, formerly TRIBAL

Hello: introducing the Meaning Network! REV is a movement connecting people to the things that really matter in life. We hope to engage people, encouraging them to form deeper, more meaningful relationships, and connect them to resources for hope, help and purpose.

What is REV?

Great question. REV might look like a social network on the surface, but the heart of what we do is powered by storytelling and relationships. We encourage members to share real life experiences that encourage and empower others to become stronger individuals and move us to drive meaningful change in our families, communities, workplaces and beyond.

So, what can I do on REV?

You are full of great questions! Here is a short list:

  • Read great content. Great stories from REV members and our Premium Content providers. Real life stories, experiences and content that is worth the read. 
  • Build your community.  Relationships matter, so it’s not about quantity, but quality.
  • Share your story. REV is a safe place to share your life, whether it is a funny story, a heart-wrenching experience, or a lesson learned. 
  • Connect with the community. Dive into a topical discussions, update your connections in the activity feed, schedule or join an event, create and join groups to name a few.
  • Build relationships. This is our hope for you. We hope you will build meaningful relationships with those in your community and beyond. We believe it is these relationships that move us to action and impact.

What makes REV, REV?

REV is for community, great stories, sharing life, authentic experiences, and a safe place to be real. But to keep it a safe place, we also have some boundaries. Here is a quick breakdown.


  • Being inclusive — we welcome all people of all backgrounds and all beliefs to the community.
  • Staying protected — we protect you, your data and your story.
  • Make connections — build deep and meaningful relationships.
  • Make an impact — we hope the stories in REV inspire you to make a difference.
  • Be authentic — be real, be who you are, and welcome others as they are.
  • Be inspiring — you are not alone. Hope, help and purpose are all found through our stories, and your story can make a big difference in someone else’s life.

Not Allowed

  • Being divisive or debating — politics and debates can be discussed all over the internet. Just not here.
  • Advertising — selling your goods or services is not part of building REV.
  • Being a troll — joining a conversation to start trouble is not allowed here. 
  • Collecting followers and trying to become famous — REV doesn’t exist for viral fame. We want you to make an impact on the lives you connect with.

Does REV sound like something you would like to be a part of?

If all of this sounds great to you, we want you to be an early adopter. Click the button below and register your account.

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