The REV Promise

Our Promise To You
  1. When you join REV, we feel a great responsibility to work our hardest to make sure that we’re building a welcoming environment for you. 
  2. We expect everyone in REV to treat each other with kindness and respect. We will always treat you that way. 
  3. We promise to not let trolls reign, keep your feed ad-free, respect your privacy (never sell your data) and always have an open door for you. 
  4. We promise to fill your feed with the most inspiring stories we can and to connect you to practical resources for hope, help and purpose. 
  5. And most importantly, we promise to always grow & improve. We’re just getting started, so, if you’ll stick around, we’ll make this Meaning Network awesome together.
Your Promise to REV
  1. Just as we have made promises to you, we ask that you do your part to give others the same experience we want to give you.
  2. When you join this community, you are promising to help build the Meaning Network by being an engaged and contributing member.
  3. You promise to welcome others, respect others, listen to others and be kind to others. (Or, as the old saying goes, say nothing.) 
  4. If you lead a group, you promise to lead by example and do your best to encourage others and engage with others in your group.
  5. You promise to do your best to participate — sharing your stories and encouraging others.
  6. You promise to never post anything that violates our Rules of Engagement or Terms & Conditions.


In the future, REV will charge a small membership fee. At this time, you are an Early Adopter and will be given a Free Lifetime Membership for joining.

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